У внедорожника Chevrolet Tahoe появилась новая модификация RST, что расшифровывается как Rally Sport Truck. Она отличается от остальных версий визуальными доработками, а также доступна с более мощным двигателем V8 и новым «автоматом» General Motors.

Chevrolet Tahoe RST выделяется на фоне собратьев частично окрашенной в цвет кузова решёткой радиатора и дверными ручками, а также глянцевыми корпусами внешних зеркал черного цвета. Кроме того RST-версии положены 22-дюймовые колёсные диски оригинального дизайна с шинами Bridgestone P285/45R 22. Опционально доступна выпускная система Borla и более мощные тормозные механизмы Brembo с супортами красного цвета.

Chevrolet Tahoe RST

В случае с набором Perfomance под капотом Chevrolet Tahoe RST устанавливается 6.2-литровый атмосферник V8 мощностью 420 л.с., новый 10-ступенчатый «автомат» 10L80, редукторы с измененным передаточным отношением и подвеска Magnetic Ride с адаптивными амортизаторами. Прежде в Америке продавались Tahoe с 5.3-литровым двигателем V8 (355 л.с.) и шестиступенчатой АКПП Hydra-Matic 6L80. Заявленное время разгона с 0 до 96 км/ч – быстрее шести секунд. Но это время разгона прототипа, а показатель серийной версии будет объявлен позже.  

Chevrolet Tahoe RST

В США новинка Chevrolet поступит в продажу осенью этого года вместе с аналогичной версией модели Suburban. Цены будут объявлены ближе к началу реализации. Обычный Tahoe с задним приводом стартует с 52 тыс. долларов, полноприводная версия на 3 тыс. долларов дороже.  

DETROIT - Today, Chevy introduced a new special edition for the Tahoe and Suburban: the street-performance Rally Sport Truck, or RST. The Tahoe RST will also be available with a new Performance Package that includes a 420-hp, 6.2L V-8 engine; Magnetic Ride Control with performance calibration; and an all-new Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission.

 "Chevrolet has continually invested in Tahoe and Suburban, developing models with varying combinations of capability, technology and performance to meet the needs of different customers," said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Truck Marketing director.  "The RST is designed for customers who want a street performance look without sacrificing capability or refinement, along with the option of increased performance as well."

RST will be available on Tahoe and Suburban models in the fall of 2017. Inspired by aftermarket trends, virtually all chrome trim has been eliminated for a street performance appearance. Changes include body-color grille surround and door handles; gloss-black grille and mirror caps; black roof rails, window trim, badging and Chevy bowties. RST also includes exclusive 22-inch wheels wrapped in Bridgestone P285/45R 22 tires.

Available upgrades for Tahoe and Suburban RST include a Borla performance exhaust system that offers a 28 percent improvement in exhaust flow, for a 7-10-horsepower gain at the rear wheels. An available brake package features massive front red Brembo six-piston, fixed aluminum calipers with brake pads clamping on larger-than-stock 410 x 32mm (16.1 inch x 1.3 inch) Duralife rotors coupled with a 84 percent increase in brake pad area and a 42 percent increase in rotor area to increase system thermal capacity. DuralifeTM rotors feature a hardened surface to reduce corrosion and provide quieter braking with less vibration.

The Tahoe RST will also be offered with an exclusive Performance Package that includes Magnetic Ride Control with performance calibration, 6.2L V-8 and the new 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission.

This is the first time Tahoe will offer the 6.2L V-8, which delivers an estimated 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. The engine features three state-of-the-art technologies - direct injection, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing - to make the most of power, torque and efficiency across a broad range of operating conditions.

The 6.2L V-8 will be paired with an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission. With smaller steps between each ratio, the transmission maximizes engine power under acceleration. With a wide 7.39 overall gear ratio spread and lower numerical top gear ratio, the transmission also improves efficiency by reducing engine revolutions at highway speeds.

Based on preliminary estimates, the Tahoe RST Performance Package will offer a towing capacity of 8,400 pounds and the truck will be cable of 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds. Full performance metrics will be announced closer to launch.

Magnetic Ride Control is an active suspension that "reads" the road every millisecond, triggering damping changes in the electronically controlled shock absorbers in as few as 5 milliseconds. As a result, the suspension delivers both improved body-motion control during cornering and a more comfortable ride while cruising. The new performance calibration included in the Tahoe RST Performance Package increases body control for even higher levels of responsiveness and comfort.

"When you want to hustle, it is incredibly fast, with significantly higher levels of acceleration, braking and road-holding grip," said Eric Stanczak, chief engineer for Chevrolet full-size trucks. "When you want to relax, it is very refined, with exceptional ride comfort and interior quietness."

Chevrolet has been the best-selling full-size SUV brand for 42 years. Today, Tahoe and Suburban are the top two vehicles in the segment. They also account for 49.3 percent of retail sales, or nearly one out of every two full-size SUVs Americans bought in 2016. Tahoe and Suburban customers are also the most loyal owners in the segment, with 79 percent of owners replacing their vehicle with another Tahoe or Suburban.