The Tundra 1794 Limited Edition boasts a unique leather interior and enhanced off-road capability. Only 1,500 of these special edition units will be built.

At the Texas State Fair, Toyota unveiled its 2024 Tundra 1794 Limited Edition, a step up from its 1794 Edition Tundra, which is already known for its luxury leather interiors and advanced off-road features. The Limited Edition version brings additional exclusivity and special accessories.

The name "1794 Edition" is an homage to the oldest ranch in Texas, established in 1794 near what is now San Antonio. Toyota acquired a significant part of this ranch for its San Antonio facility, where the Tundra, along with the Toyota Sequoia, is manufactured.

One of the major differences between the regular 1794 Edition and the Limited Edition is the upgraded interior. Toyota collaborated with Saddleback Leather Company to craft an exclusive, high-quality leather that appears to be hand-stitched and features the 1794 Limited Edition emblem. In the rear, seat pockets designed like saddlebags are fastened with leather buckles. Saddleback also designed special accessories such as a large overnight bag, tool carrier, owner's portfolio, key sleeve, and a small carrying case.

On the outside, the 1794 Limited Edition boasts a dark chrome front grille, body side trims with black highlights, and a uniquely stamped tailgate. Customers have several paint options to choose from, including Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, Blueprint, and Smoked Mesquite.

Beneath the surface, engineering tweaks have been made to enhance the Tundra's off-road performance. These improvements feature an upgraded FOX suspension system fitted with 2.5-inch-diameter FOX Internal Bypass shock absorbers. Additionally, the truck’s ride height is increased by 1.1 inches, thereby elevating its ground clearance and overall posture. Toyota also incorporated a specialized wheel and tire set inspired by off-road designs. Standard i-FORCE MAX powertrain produces 437 hp and 583 lb.-ft (790 Nm)

Only 1,500 Tundra 1794 Limited Edition trucks will be manufactured, each distinguished by an engraved plaque on the dashboard, indicating its limited availability. These trucks are expected to hit dealerships by next spring, joining the premium Tundra Capstone series. While pricing details are still pending, they will exceed the base price of $64,310 for the 1794 Edition.

Source: Toyota

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