DS Automobiles is accelerating its energy transition. Starting in 2024, all new models from the French premium luxury carmaker will be 100% electric.

DS Automobiles has put electrification at the heart of its strategy with a 100% electrified range sold since 2019. Courtesy of the 100% electric DS 3 E-Tense along with DS 4 E-Tense, DS 7 E-Tense and DS 9 E-Tense plug-in hybrids with 225 to 360 horsepower, all DS models are being offered with electrified drivetrains, representing nearly 50% of European sales volume in the first half of 2023.

From 2024, DS Automobiles will expand its offering by selling a 100% electric version of DS 4, then revealing a new design, ushering in the first 100% electric project based on the Stellantis STLA M global platform. 

Equipped with a high-capacity battery of up to 98 kWh, this future model will have a range of "more than 700 kilometers". It is currently being finalized in France and will be produced at the Melfi plant in Italy.

The Melfi plant in Italy will produce this new 100% electric design. Opened in the 1990s, it is based in the Basilicata region, between Naples and Bari. A second DS Automobiles model will be taking advantage of the Melfi plant’s expertise at a later date.

Source: DS Automobiles

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