The RS 1000 Ride Safety System from Alps Alpine helps riders stay aware of potential road hazards as they ride, using AI-powered detection systems to instantly warn of hazards coming up from behind.

The Ride Safety System RS 1000 can be integrated with your smartphone and displayed on the handlebars for real-time traffic monitoring and navigation. Essentially, the display screen functions as a digital rearview mirror, enabling cyclists to stay aware of everything happening around them.

The RS 1000 Ride Safety System utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to flag potentially dangerous vehicles, warning cyclists to stay alert while riding. Additionally, the system includes a clever back light functioning as a multi-level brake light to enhance visibility. The setup is designed to be mounted on the back of a bicycle, in a location with good visibility of the road behind. 

The Alps Alpine Ride Safety System RS 1000 is very small, weighing less than 160 grams. This means that riders who are concerned about the weight of their bikes need not worry about this device adding extra kilos to their lightweight bikes. What's even better is that you can connect it to the e-bike's power source, and the USB interface lets you use it on multiple e-bikes. The internal battery will last for at least two hours.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the RS 1000 is said to be universally compatible, simple and straightforward to use. It's available for purchase at the company's website for 449 euros (480 USD).

Source: E-Bike News

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