Hyundai and Kia have separately announced that they are beginning to roll out a firmware update that adds wireless CarPlay and Android Auto support to some of their models.

Hyundai's October 2023 "Navigation Map and Software Update" was announced on the company's website this week. The announcement was also made separately on the Kia website. Among the many new features is support for wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

“You can connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, without using a USB cable,” Hyundai says. More details on how to enable the feature can be found here.

What's big is that this update is only rolling out to Hyundai and Kia owners in Europe. Unfortunately for American car owners of the aforementioned brands, there's apparently no timeline on when the update will expand to owners in the United States and Canada.

Despite this regional limitation, Hyundai's wireless CarPlay and Android Auto support is a step in the right direction. This update fixes an absurd situation where owners of higher trim and more expensive cars miss out on a feature available on Hyundai's lower trim and cheaper models.

Source: 9to5mac

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