Electric vehicle startup Canoo Technologies has announced another cool-looking pickup truck, the "American Bulldog." The gray, weather-resistant, all-electric pickup is inspired by a vehicle originally built for the U.S. Army.

This vehicle is a derivative of the Screaming Eagle that was delivered to the U.S. Army for extensive testing in 2022.

The EV maker says the American Bulldog “builds upon Canoo’s rapid product development and real-world testing.”

“Like the American Bulldog, this vehicle is loyal and courageous. It’s woven into the American spirit and reflects this country’s innovation,” Tony Aquila, Canoo’s CEO, explained. “When we say ‘Made in America,’ we mean it.”

The electric pickup "performs like a battleship" with a strong and rugged design. Canoo compares the vehicle's "strength" and "determination" to American workers, reminiscent of a Chevy Silverado or Ford F-150 ad.

About Canoo

Canoo became a publicly traded company in 2020. However, for the past three years, it has lost a lot of money and has had difficulty producing and delivering its vehicles. Although it was valued at more than $5 billion in 2021, its current worth is just $176 million since it sold shares at a low price earlier this year to avoid bankruptcy. Although you can place an order for their Pickup Truck or Lifestyle Vehicle (which is similar to a camper van) online, it doesn't seem like any have been delivered yet.

Most of the Canoo drivers are U.S. government employees. Canoo makes three astronaut-transportation vans for NASA's moon-bound Artemis program, and it has already delivered at least three of them. They seem to be functioning well and look very attractive. NASA used them in a motorcade in September.

Canoo is working with the Pentagon on a brand-new battery pack design. Moreover, it has given the Army one of its Light Tactical Vehicles with a pickup-style for demonstration and analysis. The American Bulldog is said to be inspired by that Light Tactical Vehicle.

Canoo was expected to deliver Walmart's first batch of over 4,500 delivery trucks this year, but no official announcement has been made yet. The automaker has plans to expand its production capacity in Oklahoma, allowing them to manufacture up to 20,000 vehicles per day in the near future.

Source: Canoo

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