A specially-equipped Ineos Grenadier SUV was recently delivered to Nith Inshore Rescue in Scotland and will be used as their new search and rescue vehicle.

Nith Inshore Rescue has recently acquired the Ineos Grenadier SUV, marking a transition from their classic Land Rover Defender. This move comes as part of the station's efforts to enhance their search and rescue capabilities.

The Grenadier, renowned for its robust design and durability, was deemed an ideal choice by the Nith Inshore Rescue team. According to Peter Bryden, the rescue station's secretary, the Grenadier's engineering and suitability for conversion were key factors in its selection. He emphasized the vehicle's alignment with the station's needs, given their operations in harsh weather and challenging terrain.

The SUV, modified by Emergency One, a provider of search and rescue equipment, features an extendable roof-mounted camera, a snorkel, and distinctive decals and flashing lights. These enhancements are expected to bolster the station's efficiency in responding to various emergencies, including those related to the sea, inland water, flooding, and other water-related incidents in the Upper Solway and surrounding areas.

Funded by the Coastal Communities Fund and St John Scotland, the rescue station will operate the Grenadier alongside a refurbished lifeboat.

“We were very impressed with the way it has been engineered and built to last, as well as how straightforward it was to convert it for this role. Together with our revitalised lifeboat, we expect it to serve our team for the next 40 years.” Peter Bryden said.

Source: Carscoops

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