Tesla cars have a feature that automatically starts the windscreen wipers during rain and snow, but it doesn't work the same way as other brands and is often unpredictable.

Unlike most other automakers, Tesla does not use windscreen rain sensors in its post-2018 cars. Instead, the American company uses autopilot cameras that feed data to a computer vision system. Based on its own algorithms, the system determines whether the windscreen wipers need to start and how fast they need to go.

Tesla car owners complain that the windscreen wipers often start when there is no precipitation, or do not start when there is. It also happens that the speed of the wipers doesn't match the actual intensity of the precipitation.

It looks like Tesla engineers finally have a fix for the said problem. One of the users of social network X (Twitter) complained to Ilon Musk that his Tesla does not start the windscreen wipers when it rains. The head of the company ignored the comment, but Tesla's artificial intelligence engineer responded to the publication. He wrote that Tesla is preparing to release improvements "in the near future."

Exactly how Tesla is going to improve the windscreen wipers is not yet known. The company will probably release another software update, thanks to which the cars' neural network will be able to better recognise precipitation and react accordingly.

Source: Electrek

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