Mercedes-Benz is being forced to recall nearly a quarter of a million vehicles worldwide, including about 37,200 vehicles in Germany.

The recall has been assigned the number KBA 013606 and the manufacturer code for the recall is 8297011. Affected models are the AMG GT, C-Class, CLE, E-Class, EQE, EQS, GLC, S-Class, SL series models manufactured in 2023. According to the KBA, the recall affects 247,443 vehicles worldwide, with 37,232 units "likely" to be affected in Germany.

The problem is described as follows: 'A contact failure or an increase in contact resistance at the 80 A fuse can lead to engine failure or deterioration of the holding and instrument cluster functions. A fire hazard cannot be excluded."

As a precautionary measure, so-called back-up fuse blocks will be replaced in the affected vehicles. The manufacturer estimates that the planned stay at the car service centre will take between two and five and a half hours, depending on the equipment. The work will be carried out free of charge.

Source: Heise

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