As the manufacturer states, compared to a typical test drive of no more than a few hours, the electric car can be "integrated into your daily life".

Volvo has started deliveries of the EX30 in Europe in late 2023. The electric crossover, introduced in the middle of last year, should attract new buyers. This is facilitated by its compact dimensions, and relatively low as for a premium brand starting price of 36,590 euros.

Drivers know that a few hours is not enough to "understand" a new car, to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Volvo also understands this, so they have offered potential EX30 buyers to test drive the electric car for 24 hours. This offer is available at a number of dealers of the Swedish brand in Germany.

In addition, Volvo and WALL-E have launched a free consultation about the possibility of installing a wall charger. The meeting takes place via video link. In case of a favourable decision, Volvo and WALL-E can also provide and install such a device.

Source: Electrive

Евгений Ушаков
Evgenii Ushakov
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