Ford has entered into a partnership with Allego to install ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its dealerships across Europe. This move is aligned with Ford's ambition to have a 100% electric lineup by 2035 in the region.

The collaboration will make it possible for Ford's EV customers to access powerful charging solutions. Ford dealerships will be outfitted with Allego's charging stations that can deliver up to 400 kW. These stations will be available 24/7 and are compatible with DC charging capable vehicles from various manufacturers.

This initiative comes as part of Ford’s efforts to enhance its electric vehicle offerings, which currently include the electric Explorer crossover. By transitioning towards an entirely electric lineup in Europe by 2035.

Allego, known for its extensive pan-European public EV charging network, aims through this partnership to broaden charging options for Ford's EV customers. The focus is on easing the transition for drivers moving to electric vehicles by providing access to fast and secure charging technology.

Ford EV customers will benefit from preferential rates when using these new charging facilities. Payments can be made using the FordPass Charging Card, the FordPass app or through Plug & Charge technology. The inclusion of these charging stations within the BlueOval Charge Network ensures that drivers can access and pay for power at more than 600,000 points across Europe.

“The new high-power charging stations will be included within the BlueOval Charge Network – Ford’s public charging service – which enables drivers to access and pay for charging at more than 600,000 charging points 3 in Europe. A key benefit for Ford customers will be the Plug & Charge technology at Allego charging stations – providing fast and secure charging without needing to use an app or RFID card,” said Oliver Adrian, Manager, Charging & Energy Strategy and Go-to Market, Ford Model e, Europe.

“Allego continues to expand its network to meet the demand for charging that comes with more EVs on the road. Automakers like Ford are stepping up to the plate by producing a greater selection of EVs as the European market fully transitions to electric. By equipping these Ford dealerships with Allego’s ultra-fast charging technology, switching to electric will only become easier and more accessible to drivers throughout Europe,” said Mathieu Bonnet, Chief Executive Officer, Allego.

Source: Ford

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