See how Škoda cars are made. One of the first big pieces to go into the welded and painted body is the entire dashboard.

One of the first large parts to be installed in a car during the production process is the dashboard. It may seem strange at first, but it's actually quite logical: later, when the car gets "fuller", there wouldn't be room to install a part of this size. 

The entire dashboard is installed at once, including the instrument panel, infotainment display, glove box and other elements. The only part missing from the Kodiaq we're following is the steering wheel, which will be added later. The dashboard is heavy and is installed with the help of a special manipulator. 

Škoda has started series production of the second-generation Kodiaq in January 2024. The SUV is manufactured at the plant in Kvasiny, Czech Republic.

Source: Škoda

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