The IKEA Foundation has committed $100 million to the Drive Electric initiative over the next four years. This move supports the global push to transition transport away from fossil fuels.

The Drive Electric initiative is a coalition that aims to make significant changes in how countries, especially those emerging markets in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America, approach road transport sustainability.

Drive Electric's Leapfrogging Partnership focuses on closing the technological and policy gaps between leading and emerging markets. Its strategy includes fostering government policies, encouraging business leadership, and building robust coalitions. The initiative has already garnered support from notable organizations like the Quadrature Climate Foundation and the Robertson Foundation. Their collective goal is to speed up the adoption of zero-emissions road transport in developing countries.

Rebecca Fisher, the Program Director for Drive Electric, emphasized the need for more efforts towards an equitable shift towards clean transportation worldwide. She sees potential for new leaders in clean transportation among nations like Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa. According to Fisher, these countries have shown commitments to clean energy transitions, possess political will for climate-smart development policies, and have favorable economic conditions for such advancements.

Source: Drive Electric

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