Apple has confirmed the termination of 614 employees following the discontinuation of its electric car initiative known as Project Titan.

According to Bloomberg, the company communicated the layoffs to the state of California through the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) program. The layoffs affected 371 employees from the Santa Clara office, as well as dozens more from satellite offices, and 87 from the facility working on the screen project.

Project Titan, which was in development for over ten years, aimed to position Apple as a significant competitor against Tesla and later shifted its focus towards creating a fully autonomous vehicle to challenge Google's Waymo. However, due to leadership changes, a lack of clear direction, and insufficient support from top executives, the project faced numerous hurdles. These challenges earned it the nickname "Project Titanic" before its eventual closure in February. Following the project's cancellation, Apple has shifted its attention to AI endeavors.

Apple's ambitious Project Titan was conceived with high hopes of breaking into the automotive industry by offering innovative solutions in electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology. Despite its potential to redefine mobility, internal challenges led to its ultimate cancellation. This move marks a pivotal moment for Apple as it recalibrates its strategic goals towards areas where it feels more confident about making impactful contributions.

Source: Bloomberg    AI-generated images by Wepik

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