The Tesla Cybertruck 'Cyberbeast', known for its robust, electric power, recently sold at auction for $262,500. It fetched more than twice its retail price of $99,900.

This particular model is the most luxurious version available in the Cybertruck lineup. The sale took place at Sotheby’s Motorsport, a division of RM Sotheby's dedicated to high-end vehicles.

The auction was notable for starting with a minimum bid of $75,000. Bidding quickly surpassed the Cybertruck's normal selling price, finally closing at $262,500. Such a final bid is typically seen in auctions for vintage German sports cars. This no-reserve auction demonstrates the vehicle's high demand and collectible status.

The Cyberbeast version comes equipped with three electric motors, one up front and two at the rear. It has a 123kWh battery pack that powers it to reach 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in just 2.6 seconds. Its quarter-mile time is impressive at only 11 seconds despite its considerable weight of 3,100kg.

Colleen Cash, head of Sotheby’s Motorsport division, commented on the truck's sellability as a collectible item. She said, "We often get asked whether Teslas can or are considered collectible cars. Our response has always been affirmative, and the overwhelming interest in this auction only reinforces our conviction." 

Source: Top Gear

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