Mini has unveiled an intriguing new technological advancement called Mini Mixed Reality, which blends the virtual with the real to enhance the driving experience. 

Mini announced that it is developing the Mini Mixed Reality system, a new technology that merges virtual reality with real-world driving. This innovative system is designed to enhance the user's driving experience by integrating dynamically generated virtual environments with actual vehicle operation.

The prototype, named Mini Mixed Reality E-GoKart, outwardly appears similar to a regular Mini Cooper Electric. It is equipped with a virtual reality headset that blends live camera feeds with graphics from the "Mini VR World." These visuals are produced by a high-end PC and streamed directly to the headset. The system meticulously tracks movements of the VR headset along with car acceleration, ambient sounds, and interactions with vehicle interface devices to create a unified virtual and real driving experience.

Drivers using this technology will perceive a vivid VR world while retaining full visibility of the roadway and surrounding obstacles. This balance ensures safety and immersion, providing an enriched driving environment that remains responsive to real-world conditions.

Currently, the technology is in its testing phase. Although integration into production cars is not anticipated soon due to the need for further development, there are promising prospects. Potential future applications include automated driving features and gaming integrations. Mini also hints at possible partnerships to broaden the scope of this mixed reality technology.

Source: Drivencarguide

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