BAE Systems has secured a contract to provide new CV90 combat vehicles to Sweden. The agreement, finalized this month, involves the procurement of advanced CV9035 MkIIIC models as part of a broader initiative by Sweden to offer military support to Ukraine.

According to Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Managing Director at BAE Systems Hägglunds, "These new CV9035 MkIIICs will extend the capabilities of both the Swedish and Ukrainian armies and provide crews improved combat awareness, increased mobility, protection, and lethality."

The FMV (Swedish Defense Materiel Administration), representing Sweden in this partnership, plays a critical role in acquiring these vehicles. Sweden has donated several older models like the CV9040 to Ukraine. With this recent upgrade initiative through procuring CV9035 MkIIICs, they are working on expanding Ukraine's military capabilities further.

The new CV9035 MkIIIC model comes with an upgraded turret and ergonomic improvements, aligning its design standards with those seen in similar upgrade projects for other nations like the Netherlands. The potential impact of these enhancements includes better protection and lethality in conflict situations.

BAE Systems says CV90 infantry fighting vehicle offers world-leading combat capability in the 20-38 ton class. It can integrate a wide range of weapon systems, providing all-target capability to land forces around the world. With a total of 1,700 vehicles ordered in 17 different variants, the CV90 has covered more than eight million kilometers. It has been selected by 10 European nations, eight of them NATO-members, and has seen combat in Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as operations in Liberia.

Source: BAE Systems

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