Nissan has introduced a new perfume, "Smell My Dust," uniquely combining the scent of tires with cherry blossoms. The launch coincides with this weekend’s Formula E race in Shanghai, marking the first time the electric series will take place in the city.

The perfume aims to draw attention during the event, merging Japan's famous cherry blossoms with an unexpected twist of tire aroma. Thought up in collaboration with a Shanghai-based perfume lab, the specific composition remains undisclosed, although it's rumored to contain actual tire dust, per Top Gear.

This new scent comes as Nissan currently holds third place in the overall Formula E standings, boasting six podium finishes and one event win. The company combines its sports achievements with marketing innovations to enhance its brand presence at such high-profile events.

For fans interested in Nissan's range of fragrances, "Smell My Dust" joins others including "Armada," "GTR," "Patrol," and "350Z" available at Each fragrance offers distinct themes that connect to Nissan's automotive identity, like the 350Z which is described as offering a cooling sensation reminiscent of purity.

Source: Top Gear

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