Tesla has recently unveiled a new product called the Cybervessel. This new flask, priced at $50, is now available for purchase on Tesla's U.S. website.

Designed with inspiration from the futuristic look of the Cybertruck, the Cybervessel holds up to 20oz (591 ml) of liquids and boasts features such as a vacuum lid and double-walled construction. Its design ensures it fits all Tesla vehicle cupholders.

The Cybervessel reflects Tesla's typical approach towards merchandise. Difference from other auto brands, who may simply license their brand for accessories, Tesla integrates elements of their vehicle designs into new products. This strategy has previously seen products like the CyberQuad and a Cybertruck-shaped cat scratching pad launched in Chinese markets.

The flask itself is designed as a truncated octagonal prism—an angular shape that matches the aesthetic of the Cybertruck. It features a vacuum seal lid with a laser-inscribed image of the Cybertruck and an easy-to-use articulating handle. Customers will find it available either in stainless steel or a powder-coated matte black finish.

Additionally, maintaining the Cybervessel doesn't require elaborate care as it is dishwasher safe. While its availability isn’t described as limited, its unique appeal could potentially mirror former short-lived but popular products by Tesla.

Source: Tesla

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