Nissan has launched the Townstar Karaok-e, a unique 100% electric mobile karaoke van. This innovative vehicle is designed to cater to urban dwellers seeking entertainment and stress relief.

The Townstar Karaok-e, a modified version of the Townstar-e Evalia, brings fun right into its spacious interiors now converted into a karaoke lounge.

The new electric van showcases a large 32-inch display for lyrics, a hi-fi sound system with a powerful subwoofer, and an extensive song library in various languages. Nissan reports that the car's 45kWh battery allows travel up to 301km on a single charge.

Designed with joy in mind, the Townstar Karaok-e hosts additional features like synchronized lighting that moves with the music beat inside the cabin. Its exterior boasts an appealing Colourflow design which changes colors—purples, blues, greens—depending on the viewing angle. The vehicle also provides options for instant video sharing through GoPro apps with customizations including personalized intros and outros.

The vehicle aims to reduce stress, boost dopamine levels, and produce endorphins among its users by delivering an unparalleled experience Nissan describes as "as fun as it is unforgettable." It targets all urban residents who seek an escape from their daily routines while promoting wellbeing and happiness through music and singing.

Source: Nissan

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