Porsche is now offering up to $4,500 to to drivers of any non-Porsche car willing to switch their lease to a Taycan. This incentive is part of Porsche's Conquest Lease Program targeting drivers with remaining time on their leases for non-Porsche vehicles.

The Conquest Lease Program is open to drivers of any EV brand, but Tesla owners are certainly the target audience.

The Conquest Lease Program by Porsche includes financial incentives that vary based on the remaining lease term. For those with 31-60 days left, the reimbursement can be up to $1,500. If 61-90 days remain, the amount increases to $3,000, and for a period of 91-180 days remaining, it ascends to $4,500. This deal is specifically applicable to the Model Year 2024 and Model Year 2025 Taycans.

Introduced in 2019, the Taycan received significant updates recently aimed for release in 2025. These enhancements include style and technology upgrades designed to improve the overall driving experience and utility of the vehicle. Key adjustments feature shorter acceleration times and quicker charging capabilities.

One significant improvement is in battery capacity which has been increased from 93 kWh in earlier models to 105 kWh. This upgrade allows for a longer duration between charges, making Taycans more convenient for daily use as well as longer trips.

Source: Cars Direct

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