An armored version of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, capable of withstanding AK-47 gunfire, has been unveiled in South Africa. SVI Engineering has modified the vehicle to maintain its standard appearance while enhancing its safety features.

The vehicle, an eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI, has been outfitted with 3.5 mm armored steel plating and special ballistic glass. The glass is lightweight and restricts openings except for allowing the driver's window to open halfway. These modifications extend to both standard versions, Golf GTI and the all-wheel-drive Golf R model.

In addition to armoring on doors, pillars, roof, and rear bulkhead, SVI Engineering strategically avoided adding armor on the tailgate. This decision helps reduce both weight and cost. The front fenders have also been reinforced to protect crucial engine components. The battery is encased in bullet-resistant material for added security.

Despite the addition of armor, resulting in a weight increase of 340 kilograms (750 pounds) bringing the total vehicle weight to 1,770 kilograms (900 pounds), adjustments were made to the suspension system. These tweaks ensure that the car can still handle efficiently despite the additional mass.

According to SVI Engineering, achieving this level of protection comes with a B4+ armor rating. The ballistic glass is capable of stopping up to four shots from an AK-47 with 7.62x39mm rounds in a densely packed area of 300mm square.

The conversion process takes approximately three months and costs about $35,000, not including taxes or price of the donor car itself.

Source: SVI Engineering

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