Akio Toyoda is not just the chairman of Toyota's board of directors. He is also known as a racing car enthusiast, often racing under the pseudonym Morizo. Last December, while test-driving a rally version of the GR Yaris at the Shimoyama circuit in Japan, Akio Toyoda had an accident.

A car piloted by Toyoda and co-driver Norihiko Katsuta, a nine-time Japanese rally champion, overturned after colliding with an embankment. Fortunately, neither Toyoda nor Katsuta were injured in the incident. Despite the car flipping over and ending up with its wheels upside down, the crew members got out of the car unharmed.

The company recently released on-board camera footage of the incident. The video shows the moment the vehicle collided with an embankment and flipped over.

In April 2024, a damaged GR Yaris was on display during the grand opening of the Toyota Technical Centre in Shimoyama. The newly opened centre features a pit lane designed to resemble the famous Nürburgring. The demonstration of the damaged GR Yaris is intended to emphasise Toyota's commitment to thorough testing methodology.

Source: Toyota Times Global

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