The patent images of Volvo's new electric crossover, which will be called Embla or EXC90, have appeared on the Internet.

In general, the design of the new Volvo car is in the style of the 2021 Recharge concept. However, if the Recharge looked like a hybrid of a minivan and station wagon, then the car in the patent images has a classic SUV layout with an elongated hood, a cabin shifted back and a sharply defined trunk door.

What the new car will be called is still unknown. Earlier it was reported that the electric car will debut under the name Embla, but Volvo has also registered the EXC90 trademark.

The Volvo electric SUV is being built on the SPA2 platform, designed for battery-powered vehicles. This model will be produced at the Volvo plant in South Carolina, USA. Technical specifications have not yet been disclosed, however, it is expected that the crossover will receive an advanced autopilot on the Nvidia Drive Orin hardware platform and with Luminar lidar. 

As for the current second-generation Volvo XC90, this car is available with electrified power plants. The last restyling of the model took place in 2019, another planned update of the XC90 is expected this year. 

Source: Worldscoop

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