55 years ago, AMG took to the world's racetracks for the first time, and now it's celebrating that history with a new, very limited edition car: the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55.

Just five of these hand-built vehicles will leave the AMG plant in Affalterbach. The new model is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racing car. Mercedes-AMG, however, did not bother to homologate it under FIA rules.

This means that the car cannot be raced by the FIA, but it also means that Mercedes-AMG didn't have to be limited by the rules of racing when building this car. As a result, the 6.3-liter V8 will develop 650 hp. , which is 100 hp. more than a standard GT3 race car. Mercedes has also modified the Inconel exhaust system. 

The bodywork is painted in MANUFAKTUR alpine gray uni with red accents that complement the body color and matt finish of aerodynamic components such as front and rear diffusers, rear wing, latches, louvres, grille and side skirts.

In addition to the red accents, the Affalterbach coat of arms was also painted on the side of the car. A 55th anniversary symbol has been added to the rear wing next to the AMG logo.

The seats are embroidered with the anniversary symbol and the center console is adorned with "EDITION 55 - 1 OF 5" plaques. The seat belts are embellished with silver accents in honor of Germany's racing history.



The dashboard features a high-resolution Bosch DDU 11 display that shows important information such as engine speed, operating temperature, lap times and gear. When starting the car, the 55th anniversary logo is displayed on the screen.

Five lucky customers who purchase a Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 will also receive an equally special watch from IWC Schaffhausen. The Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition AMG watch is crafted from Grade 5 titanium and the case back is engraved with the owner's race car chassis number.

Naturally, the limited edition model does not come cheap: the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 will cost 625,000 euros.

Source: carscoops

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