Next Level Racing and Team Fordzilla, the esports division of Ford Motor Company, have created a gaming rig for true auto racing fans.

The GT Elite Ford GT Edition consists of an aluminum frame that houses a racing seat with multi-point seat belts, a pedal set, transmission and handbrake levers, a steering wheel and two screens. The main monitor acts as the windshield of the car, and the screen above it displays auxiliary information about the race. For a complete immersion in the atmosphere of motorsport competitions, there is not enough, perhaps, the smell of rubber and overloads during maneuvering.

All installation elements can be adjusted to the player's physique. You can even adjust the height and angle of the pedals. In addition, the unit is compatible with major manufacturers of game controllers, including Fanatec, Logitec, Thrustmaster and Moza. 

In fact, the GT Elite Ford GT Edition is assembled as a constructor. The frame and controls are priced at $799, the seat is sold separately for $499. The start of sales of new items is scheduled for October 2022 worldwide.

Source: NLR

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