The Taillights on a GMC Hummer EV cost more than $3,000 each. The cost of replacing both is close to $6,100 without tax or labor.

One owner in a Facebook group for Hummer EVs found out that the taillights are quite expensive. The cost is actually $3,045.48 according to The Drive, which confirmed the figure as the list price from General Motors. That's for one taillight, and that doesn't include tax. The rear taillight from a 2022 Cadillac Escalade, for comparison, costs $1321.89 at list price.

Why are GMC Hummer EV taillights so expensive? No official answer from General Motors yet. however, it is worth noting that electric HumVee's taillights aren't just bits of red plastic with a big H stamped into them. The taillights in the Hummer EV have small microcontrollers installed within them. These chips control unique lighting functions in their respective lights, like the animations in the headlamps.

Additionally, Hummer EV is a limited-run vehicle, which means that the parts are more expensive than they will be in the future. GM was having trouble producing more than a dozen units of the car per day this summer.

It's still unclear whether there's more to the taillight price, but we're hoping GMC will clear it up soon. Even with a microchip shortage and automotive supply chain issues plaguing production, 3 grand for only one taillight seems like quite a bit.

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