In an effort to return the Lancia brand to its former glory, parent company Stellantis has promised heavy investment in expanding the portfolio and selling cars outside of Italy. To showcase how past icons will shape the future of the brand, Lancia Design Day will take place on November 28th.

Back in May, three new Lancia models were announced. A next-generation Ypsilon supermini will be released in 2024, a larger crossover in 2026, and a new compact Delta in 2028. We will get to see the first taste of what the future holds for Lancia on November 28 at the Lancia Design Day. This event is meant to preview a fresh design language that will shape the next generation of cars that come out in two years.

Lancia Design Day announcementLancia Design Day announcement

We know that the new 2024 Ypsilon will be about four meters (157 inches) long. It is going to have an electric powertrain. Lancia's flagship car two years later will be 4.6 meters (181.1 inches) long while the 2028 Delta, described as a "sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines", is set to be 4.4 meters (173.2 inches) long. The Italian brand plans to launch only EVs from 2026 and will exclusively sell electric cars from 2028.

Lancia Fulvia Coupe, Lancia Gamma Coupe, Lancia Beta HPELancia Fulvia Coupe, Lancia Gamma Coupe, Lancia Beta HPE

Lancia plans to expand its business outside of Italy, starting with France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. A Lancia dealership network consisting of 100 dealerships will be active in 60 major cities. However, the company estimates that half its customers would prefer buying cars online.

Source: Stellantis/Lancia

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