The Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT group has posted a video showing the destruction of one of Russia's most advanced tanks, the T-90M, by a drone.

"A T-90M joins the turret-tossing competition - a Russian T-90M tank was destroyed by RKG-3 HEAT grenades adapted to be dropped from Ukrainian drones," the OSINT group said in a tweet.

The T-90M tank reportedly was struck in Ukraine's Eastern Donbas Region, after which a Ukrainian operator of an R18 octocopter drone dropped several RKG-3 anti-tank HEAT grenades onto the vehicle. As a result, the ammunition set detonated, and the turret was torn off from the tank by a huge explosion.

The T-90M is an improved version of the T-90 tank. Sometimes this tank is referred as "Proryv-3" (Breakthrough-3). It was first publicly revealed in 2017. Unit price of a newly-built T-90M is reportedly a $4.5 million.

Евгений Ушаков
Evgenii Ushakov
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