Geely has introduced a new, simplified logo that abandons the three-dimensional aesthetic for a flatter and more straightforward look. According to the company, the new logo "signifies our all-new brand aspiration to be more open and unlimited in the future."

The new logo is the most basic one used by Geely since the original silhouette of a red mountain, but it is clearly based on the "Innovative Geely 4.0" logo that was recently used by the company. The similarities between the two logos are immediately apparent, as both feature a wide "grille" with six panels, as well as a horizontal bar and two vertical lines. This design dates back to 2013, when Geely introduced the "Refined Cars 3.0 Era" logo. Both logos have black and blue segments, which represent the "earth and sky," symbolizing the brand's hope of seeing its products traveling around the world and its ambition to reach for the skies.

Geely did not provide many details about the new logo, but stated that it is the company's "first step to pursuing smarter and more technological products for our customers." The company added, "Our new chapter starts here! Let's expect how it will shine and light up the future!"

Geely logos evolution

While the new insignia may appear somewhat plain, a number of companies have unveiled updated logos in recent years. The most recent example is Audi, which introduced a black and white logo with a two-dimensional appearance in November. BMW also introduced a flatter and more simplified logo for communications and marketing materials two years ago.

Geely Auto is the primary car marque of Chinese group Geely. Listed as Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and controlled through holdings in Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Geely Auto is ZGH's mainstream brand primarily sold in China and select overseas markets.

Source: Geely

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