Hot Wheels, the iconic brand of diecast toy cars, has launched a new reality television show on NBC. The show, called Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, is not an animated series for kids but a competition featuring "superfans" of the brand competing against each other to turn a nostalgic car from their past into the life-sized Hot Wheels of their dreams.

Hosted by former Top Gear US presenter and car enthusiast Rutledge Wood, the show will have celebrity judges and guidance from Dalal Elsheikh, a Ford designer, and Hert Eugene Jr., an influencer in the drift scene. In each episode, the "superfans" will compete against each other, with each winner receiving $25,000 in cash and a chance to participate in the season finale.

The season finale will see a three-way competition, with $50,000 at stake. The winning build will not only take home the cash prize but will also have their car immortalized in miniature as a toy Hot Wheels car.

To add a twist to the competition, producers will throw a wrench into the build with something called the Inspirationator 5000, a larger-than-life vending machine that will rev up in each episode to present the "superfans" with a twist in the road.

Hot Wheels has a distinctive niche in the diecast toy car industry, creating fantasy designs that evoke a sense of speed and are designed to be raced on infinitely configurable plastic tracks. 

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge promises to bring the brand to life in a new and exciting way. The first season of the new show will consist of 10 episodes.

Source: Autoblog

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