Despite the technical accuracy of the term 'vertical take-off and landing' (VTOL), it fails to evoke the excitement associated with visions of zero-emission cityscapes. That's why we'll stick to calling them what we all know they are: flying cars. And according to Hyundai, these innovative vehicles might be soaring through the skies by the end of this decade.

"It's not my division, so that probably tells you that it's not imminent," revealed Hyundai's UK boss, Michael Cole, in an exclusive interview with "But we've always said that we really see this as being part of the solution for mobility in the future."

Cole highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Korean manufacturer, Coventry City Council, and the UK government, leading to the launch of 'Air One'—a hub dedicated to future VTOL crafts, including air taxis and delivery drones. The purpose of Air One is to facilitate the transportation of cargo and humans across cities.

The first step in this exciting journey, according to Cole, will involve intra-city applications of Urban Air Mobility for cargo transportation, and eventually, passengers. However, Cole emphasized that this phase will likely occur towards the end of the decade and will be implemented on a smaller scale.

In a move that demonstrates Hyundai's commitment to innovation, the company previously unveiled renders of a battery electric flying car. Developed in collaboration with Supernal, a US mobility company owned by Hyundai, the concept showcased a five-seater cabin constructed using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and recyclable CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer).

The design of the electric flying car focused on short urban journeys, while Hyundai and Supernal have also initiated work on a long-range hydrogen-powered flying car expected to arrive within the next decade. Cole highlighted the company's belief in the viability of flying cars as an additional mobility solution that Hyundai Group will offer in the future.

With the prospect of flying cars becoming a reality, Hyundai's commitment to pushing the boundaries of transportation technology becomes evident. As we envision a future where congested roads and pollution may no longer be a concern, the emergence of flying cars could revolutionize urban mobility and redefine our relationship with transportation.

Source: TopGear

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