DS Automobiles has offered a sneak peek into the future of car interiors with its M.i. 21 design manifesto.

DS Automobiles' M.i. 21 serves as a design study, showcasing the brand's vision and influencing the forthcoming generation of DS cars. This concept is not just a mere idea; it is a tangible embodiment of the brand's commitment to transforming the driving experience. DS describes the cabin as a "design manifesto" due to its ability to incorporate various regulatory, industrial, and economic demands without compromising on speed of production.

One of the standout features of the M.i. 21 is its integration of technological and stylistic innovations, such as adaptive lighting that interacts with the environment. Notably, the doors boast large circular lights that contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the cabin. Furthermore, DS has maximized available space by eliminating the central tunnel and center console. By doing so, they have created a more open and inviting atmosphere where the dashboard appears to float in front of the seats, providing occupants with even more room to relax and enjoy their journey.

In their pursuit of an enhanced human-machine interface, DS has made a bold move to eliminate screens that are unattractive when turned off, adding no value to the overall design. The M.i. 21 tackles this challenge by employing a projection system that displays information onto a strip. This strip can seamlessly transition between being opaque, to showcase important information, and transparent, to reveal the exquisite trim materials. Passengers have the ability to control this innovative system through voice commands or a remote control conveniently located on the center armrest. The only screens that DS couldn't adapt were the ones dedicated to the side-view cameras.

DS Automobiles usually keeps models like the M.i. 21 hidden from the public eye, as they embody the brand's future aspirations. However, this exceptional creation is currently on display at the biannual Révélations craft and design exhibit in Paris, which runs until Sunday, June 11. It is an opportunity for automotive enthusiasts and design aficionados to witness firsthand the ingenuity and forward-thinking mindset of DS Automobiles.

DS is not the only automaker placing a greater emphasis on interior design and interfaces. Audi, for example, recently revealed its future design language, shifting its focus to the user interface and interior before considering the vehicle's exterior. Similarly, Cadillac has also acknowledged the significance of cabin design in shaping future models. These developments signify a paradigm shift in the industry, with DS at the forefront of reimagining the evolution of car interiors. The blank screens that dominate the cabin space have the potential to be transformed into innovative canvases for software, offering new opportunities for creative expression.

Source: DS Automobiles

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