The new Kia EV5 was unveiled today at the Chengdu Motor Show. The Korean automaker showed the first official images of the exterior and interior of the new EV.

Most of the Kia's press release is filled with fancy descriptions of the design. In general, the car looks a lot like the Concept EV5 model, but the external cameras have been replaced by conventional mirrors and the door handles are in the style of the EV9.

In regards to body shape, the new car looks similar to the Kia EV9 and EV5, but it appears stretched out. Based on the pictures, we could have guessed that the model would be five meters long - which would have made it just as long as the EV9. However, recent leaks from China indicate that the EV5 measures at 4.62 meters long.

This puts it in competition with the VW ID.4. Also, the wheelbase of 2.75 meters lines up quite well with the Wolfsburg model. However, we learned from the Chinese leak that there will likely be a brand-new 82 kWh battery with NMC chemistry for a range of roughly 600 kilometers outside China. For reference, the longest-range version of the VW ID.4 is capable of 531 kilometers.

The interior is impressive, with the console partly hidden under the front seats. Nonetheless, the arrangement of dual horizontal screens reminds us of the familiar designs.

Some controls are integrated into the dashboard and look more like labels than switches. The driving modes P, N, R, and D activate via the steering column stalk. The EV5 seems to have five seats, unlike the EV9. 

According to Kia's press release: 

"Research by Kia has revealed that millennial households now regard the interior of their EV SUV not just as a place to sit safely and comfortably when travelling from A to B, but as an additional ‘room’ to live their life in. To meet this challenge, Kia’s interior designers have completely reimagined the vehicle’s interior space. Drawing additional inspiration from the recently launched larger EV9 SUV, they have endowed the EV5 with an extensive interior space that is closer in concept and execution to a home lounge than a traditional car cabin."

Kia will launch the EV5 during the latter half of 2023, initially in China, and will unveil further product details at the Kia EV Day – an event dedicated to the brand’s EV lineup and vision. Scheduled for October, Kia will expand upon its global vision for electrification at the event.

Source: Kia

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