A recent video unveils the advancements Tesla's robotics division has achieved since 2021, showcasing the latest Optimus prototype as it sorts various objects into separate bins. The robot also displays its proficiency in yoga, indicating a stable sense of balance.

The video starts with Optimus executing a self-calibration routine for its appendages, utilizing joint encoders and visual data to precisely position its arms and legs. Once calibrated, the robot is capable of distinguishing between green and blue blocks on a nearby table and segregates them accordingly. Impressively, Optimus even rotates one block by 90 degrees with remarkable finesse, ensuring it is correctly oriented in its bin. The robot easily adapts when a Tesla engineer attempts to confuse it by rearranging some blocks.

After completing these routine tasks, Optimus engages in a yoga session. While robots don't require relaxation or time off, this portion of the video emphasizes Optimus's superior balance. It is seen standing on one leg while extending its limbs. The demonstration aims to assure potential future owners that Optimus is unlikely to falter and accidentally spill hot beverages.

This recent footage builds upon another video released in May of this year, featuring Optimus robots navigating slowly, recognizing their surroundings, and carrying out simple assignments. While they may not be as advanced as the machines from Boston Dynamics, Elon Musk has hinted at an affordable price point of around $20,000 for Optimus.

Source: Tesla

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