Chevrolet is evolving and has unveiled a new, more optimistic and adventurous slogan: "Together let's drive." This replaces their former tagline, "Find New Roads."

Earlier today, in a press briefing, Chevrolet representatives dissected the new catchphrase, explaining that “Together” is a “symbol of our partnership,” while “Let’s” is an action word that’s “active” and “right now.” The third and final piece of the puzzle is “drive,” and that’s the “internal drive that powers Doers.”

Unveiled on Friday, the slogan's inaugural commercial melds several customer-centric themes, including a focus on family, time, and community. Officials highlighted that consumers are gravitating toward brands with a forward-looking stance, but prefer ones that are already established rather than startups.

A subsequent commercial, titled Down To Earth, is decidedly more casual. It accentuates value, spotlighting the Bolt as the most budget-friendly electric vehicle in the U.S. It also features the $30,695 Colorado and the $21,495 Trax.

While the slogan will take some getting used to, Chevrolet officials noted a lot has changed since “Find New Roads” was introduced about a decade ago. They added their various slogans have been “right for the time” and now it’s time for something new.

In addition to discussing the new slogan and the forthcoming Equinox EV, officials alluded to developments planned for 2024. A slide suggested updates to the Corvette and full-size SUVs are on the horizon.

This is likely a subtle nod to the eagerly awaited Corvette ZR1 set to launch next year, which will be accompanied by updated versions of the Tahoe and Suburban. GM CEO Mary Barra also recently verified that the next-gen, ICE-powered Equinox will debut in 2024. Additionally, the revamped Traverse is set for release early next year.

As for other future releases, it was disclosed that the Silverado EV RST will start production in spring 2024 following a brief postponement. In the meantime, focus will be on assembling the commercial-use Silverado EV WT.

Sticking with electric vehicles, the bow tie brand said they have the “right mix” of EVs and ICE-powered models. Officials also noted that while the Bolt and Bolt EUV are going out of production later this year, there should be enough supply to last for a few months after the fact. This will limit the amount of time that GM is without an affordable EV as the $34,995 Equinox EV will arrive in 2024.

Lastly, despite facing numerous challenges, Chevrolet is experiencing upward sales momentum. The company reported a 14% increase in retail sales, outpacing the industry's average growth of 10%, due in part to the success of the Trax and Trailblazer.

Source: Chevrolet

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