Kia has announced an important update for the 2024 Carnival model to address safety concerns regarding the second-row seating.

Initially, the IIHS found that the minivan's second-row captain's chairs could become unsecured during crashes. In response, Kia has reinforced the floor rails to ensure that the seats remain anchored.

For those driving the Carnival, there's a mix of updates. The positive aspect is the availability of upgrades to enhance passenger safety for those in the second row. The less encouraging news is that even with these improvements, the IIHS has not given the Carnival a high safety rating.

Kia has proactively responded to the issue by redesigning the 2024 model's second-row seats with stronger rails separate from the anticipated 2025 mid-cycle refresh. This decision was made following an IIHS side-impact test where the second-row captain's chair detached from its moorings, posing a significant risk to occupants.

The IIHS has pointed out that a detached seat not only endangers the person in it but also other passengers. Kia has taken this feedback seriously and has not only updated the new model but also offered retrofitting for older models at no cost. Dealerships are also instructed to install the new rails on older Carnivals when they come in for service.

After these modifications, further testing showed the seats remained in place during crashes, which is indeed a step forward for occupant safety. Despite this improvement, the vehicle's overall safety rating remains at the lowest level, "Poor." The IIHS has expressed concerns over the vehicle's safety cage and the potential for injury to the driver and rear passengers in a collision.

As of now, it's uncertain if Kia will implement additional changes to enhance the 2025 model's safety features.

Source: IIHS

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