Domino’s Pizza introduces the dxb, an innovative electric bicycle designed to deliver pizzas while keeping them oven-fresh. This new e-bike, resembling a futuristic sci-fi movie prop, is equipped with a unique mobile oven compartment to ensure pizzas remain warm and fresh en route to customers.

Key to the dxb’s design is its ability to navigate while maintaining the quality of the pizza. It features advanced "space age suspension" that reduces G-forces by up to 67 percent, ensuring a smooth ride over hills and curbs. This suspension system is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the pizza during transit.

The dxb adheres to standard e-bike specifications, with 20-inch wheels and street tires, and a downtube-integrated battery pack. While specific details about the motor's power and the bike's range remain undisclosed, the dxb is clearly tailored for urban delivery scenarios.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DPE) plans to deploy the dxb across its network, which spans over 2,800 stores in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia. Notably, the United States is not on the initial rollout list for this innovative delivery solution.

With the dxb, Domino’s aims to tackle the common issue of pizzas losing their freshness during delivery. By integrating a mobile oven into the e-bike, Domino’s promises to deliver oven-fresh pizzas directly to customers' doorsteps, revolutionizing the delivery experience.

Sources: Domino's Pizza, Electrek

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