If you own a 2022-2024 Kia Carnival or a 2023-2024 Sportage, pay attention the next time you're behind the wheel. A subtle rattle could be your first sign that the roof molding might detach while driving at high speeds.

Kia is initiating a recall of 40,426 Sportage and 60,623 Carnival vehicles in the United States due to a manufacturing defect that could result in these parts becoming dislodged. While the roof molding isn't essential for the vehicle's safe operation, if it detaches while on the highway, it poses a potential hazard to other road users.

The automaker first became aware of this issue in September, but its complex nature made it challenging to investigate. The loss of most trim pieces made it difficult to conduct a thorough inspection for problems.

However, Kia received enough complaints from owners to prompt an investigation. To understand the issue better, Kia intentionally misinstalled roof molding on a test vehicle and found that it could come off at speeds of around 90 mph (145 km/h).

Kia Carnival Kia Carnival

Kia determined that interference with the roof molding retaining clips, either due to excessive roof panel sealer or improper installation, could lead to detachment. As a result, Kia has decided to launch a recall campaign.

Kia will start reaching out to owners on March 15, 2024, and they will be asked to return their vehicle to a dealer, where they can be inspected. Where necessary, the roof molding will be replaced by parts with retaining clips that do not interfere with excessive sealer. In addition, it has improved its assembly processes and developed additional training to ensure that the moldings stay on the vehicles. Owners who paid for repairs out of pocket will be reimbursed by Kia.

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