Xiaomi has announced an expected delivery wait time of up to seven months for buyers of its new electric vehicle, the SU7, due to overwhelming demand.

The company received initial orders for 50,000 units within just 27 minutes of opening and nearly 90,000 orders within 24 hours, according to Reuters. These events occurred starting last Thursday when Xiaomi first began taking orders for the SU7.

The standard delivery time for the SU7 is estimated between 18 and 21 weeks. However, for those ordering the all-wheel-drive version, the SU7 Max, the wait could extend to between 27 and 30 weeks. This high-demand model is priced at 299,900 yuan ($41,500). Xiaomi also introduced a Founder’s Edition of the SU7 with a unique mini-fridge add-on selling out its first batch of 5,000 units. Lei Jun announced this special edition on Weibo on Sunday.

Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market comes with competitive specifications that challenge established players like Tesla. The standard SU7 features a 73.6 kWh battery offering a range of up to 700km (435 miles), while the Pro version boosts this with a 94.3 kWh battery achieving an impressive range of up to 830km (516 miles) for a price of RMB 245,900 ($34,000). Top-tier technology features in the sedan include head-up displays and advanced autonomous driving assistance systems.

Xiaomi's ambitious launch targets rival Tesla’s Model Y, offering better specifications at similar or lower prices starting from $29,870.

Source: Reuters

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