Uber Eats, in partnership with Waymo, has launched a new service in Arizona that uses self-driving cars to deliver food. The service is available in Tempe, Mesa and Chandler.

Restaurants such as Princess Pita, Filiberto’s, and BoSa Donuts are among the initial participants in this program. Their selection was based on the alignment of their delivery areas with Waymo's operational zones, as reported by AZ Central.

The service is currently in a testing phase. During this time, there is currently no option to specifically request delivery by the autonomous vehicle. However, customers will always have the option to opt out and have their food delivered to their doorstep conventionally.

Uber Eats clarified that this pilot program does not aim to automate food delivery entirely or reduce the income of delivery personnel. Rather, it explores potential cost savings on human driver expenses while assessing how autonomous technology can fit into existing systems.

Nicole Gavel, Waymo's head of business development and strategic partnerships, says that working with Uber and Uber Eats could help improve efficiency. She said the vehicles may be able to string together deliveries and rideshare trips.

Source: AZ Central

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