Stellantis announced it is investing €100 million to enhance the Fiat 500e, aiming to make the electric vehicle more affordable and improve the customer experience. This initiative was revealed in a Stellantis press release.

The investment seeks to expand the model's production and does not detail the specific changes in pricing or technical updates.

The focus of Stellantis' investment encompasses making the Fiat 500e more affordable, enhancing the customer experience with this model, and expanding its production capabilities. However, no specific details regarding new model features or revised pricing have been shared yet. Currently, in the UK, the Fiat 500e is priced at £28,195 for the variant with a 23.8 kWh battery and £31,195 for those equipped with a 42 kWh battery. These prices were set last summer to offset the cancellation of an e-mobility subsidy in the country. 

Manufacturing of the Fiat 500 Electric and Abarth 500e takes place at Stellantis' Mirafiori plant in Italy. This site has also been designated for additional production tasks like making electrified dual-clutch transmissions (eDCTs) for new hybrid vehicles, boasting a capacity of up to 600,000 eDCTs per year. Another manufacturing site is located in Metz, France.

Stellantis has committed a total of €240 million towards developing its Mirafiori plant into a globally unique hub equipped for design, technical development, technology, manufacturing, supply chain management, and recycling. This effort falls under their "Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030" vision aimed at transforming Stellantis into a sustainable mobility tech company and positions Mirafiori as one of its three most significant hubs worldwide.

Source: Stellantis

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