A custom pickup truck based on Toyota Hilux was created specifically for the expedition to Antarctica and therefore endures the most extreme conditions.

The Icelandic company Arctic Trucks has become famous for the production of hardcore SUVs to work in harsh conditions. After a group of explorers ran into transportation difficulties on an expedition to Antarctica in 2008, they set out to create a 6x6 vehicle that could handle whatever this harsh place throws at them. 

This is how the monster Hilux AT44 6x6 pickup appeared, which was described on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel. 

To build the Hilux AT44 6x6, Arctic Trucks had to completely disassemble the Toyota Hilux. About 80% of the frame has been replaced with stronger elements, and the remaining 20% ​​has been modified - both to strengthen the chassis and to give the truck individual qualities.

The car received a new suspension and huge 44-inch wheels. The extra two wheels are needed to improve traction and buoyancy. Thus, a six-wheeled vehicle is able to climb steeper slopes and carry more cargo.

Hilux AT44 6x6

Under the hood of the arctic monster is a 3.0-liter diesel engine adapted to run on aviation kerosene. Such fuel retains its properties even at extremely low temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius.

The new fuel tank is designed for 750 liters. In addition, up to 1400 liters of fuel in barrels can be transported on the cargo platform not only for yourself, but also for other expedition vehicles.

Hilux AT44 6x6

One Hilux AT44 6x6 cost Arctic Trucks $275,000 to build.

Sources: Barcroft Cars, Arctic Trucks

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