A dangerous defect has been discovered in American-made Kia Optima cars, due to which at least one person has already been injured.

Kia will issue a recall of 257,998 Optima vehicles manufactured at the Kia Motors plant in Georgia from August 12, 2011 to September 27, 2013. In these vehicles, the headlining plates, which are also part of the energy-absorbing structure, are not securely fastened. In the event of an accident, these plates can come off and injure the driver and passengers.

Kia first became aware of the potential problem in May of this year when it received a lawsuit from a Kia Optima driver. The appeal claimed that when a side curtain airbag deployed in a 2012 car, a metal bracket came off the ceiling and injured the driver. The manufacturer conducted an investigation, during which it was confirmed that the element was indeed not in its regular place.

No other similar cases are yet known. However, it is likely that the problem is widespread due to insufficient glue. Therefore, the company decided to recall all Kia Optima of the specified period to fix the problem.

The recall will begin on September 26th. Dealers will warn customers about the need to come to the service center for free diagnostics and repairs.

Source: Carscoops

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