Škoda has revealed the features of the new software for the Enyaq iV family of electric crossovers.

The new ME3 software debuted in the Škoda Enyaq Coupe iV launched earlier this year. The update is now available for all Škoda Enyaq iV.

The new software improves the features, controls and design of the infotainment system, virtual cockpit and head-up display. The navigation system has been improved, the Škoda Connect online services have been expanded and, last but not least, the maximum charging power has been increased.

Thanks to the ME3 software, the maximum DC charging power has increased by 10 kW. For vehicles with a 62 kWh battery, this figure is 120 kW, and for vehicles with 82 kWh batteries, this figure is 135 kW. At the same time, the first hundred kilometers of the trip can be charged in seven minutes. 

The new battery care mode can be activated using the button in the center display. It ensures that the battery is not recharged to its maximum capacity by limiting the maximum value to 80% of the battery's capacity. If necessary, the maximum charge value can be increased up to 100%, although in the long run this will negatively affect the life of the batteries. 

The new software manages the temperature of the traction battery better in winter. Temperature control now kicks in at lower temperatures and constantly adjusts to the optimum level in real time. As a result, the battery reaches the optimum operating temperature faster, which increases the range in cold conditions. 

Improved the route planning function to display the possibility of charging along the route, including the remaining battery capacity and the estimated time to recharge. The navigation system is now more actively adding alternative charging stations in Europe to the route. They can be filtered by various criteria - name, charging power, and so on.

Improved visualization of the virtual cockpit and head-up display. Objects around the car now look more realistic, and the battery level is displayed as a percentage in addition to the corresponding symbol. 

The new ME3 software version also affects the Škoda Connect online services. Enyaq iV is always connected to the network. One of the features available is the personalization of several vehicle settings. If the user logs in with their Škoda ID account, favorite settings for various systems are transferred from other Škoda vehicles that support this service. In this way, for example, you can apply settings for electric seats, mirrors, climate control or auxiliary systems. In addition, the selected profile can be protected by a code and automatically linked to a specific physical car key.

The ME3 software can be installed at a Škoda dealership. All future software updates can be carried out remotely, without a trip to the service center. The only condition is an active Škoda Connect service.

The Škoda Enyaq iV is an electric SUV based on the Volkswagen MEB platform. Mass-produced since 2020. Available in regular body and Coupe version with a more streamlined body shape. Starting price: from €39,650 in Germany and from £38,480 in the UK. 

Source: Skoda

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