Hyundai is reportedly moving forward with production of its N Vision 74 concept, which will make its debut on May 27.

The retro-styled coupe, which was unveiled last year, is said to have received positive feedback from enthusiasts and journalists around the world, and is allegedly being put into production due to popular demand. 

While Hyundai has not confirmed the news, some of its top executives have expressed their support for a production-bound version of the design study. The N Vision 74 concept borrows styling cues from the 1974 Pony concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and it is reported that his son Fabrizio Giugiaro was put in charge of the exterior design. 

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept specs:

Dimension (mm) 4,952 x 1,995 x 1,331
Wheelbase (mm) 2,905
Motor Over 500 (Rear)
Total Max Power (kW) Unknown
Total Max Torque (Nm) Over 900 (Rear)
Battery Capacity (kWh) 62.4
Tank Capacity (kg) 4.2
Fuel Cell Stack (kW) net 85 (Max 95)
Refueling Time (min) 5
Max Speed (kph) Over 250
Driving Range (km) Over 600

The concept boasted a 670-horsepower hydrogen-electric hybrid system, but it is not yet clear whether this will be carried over to the production version. However, we won't have to wait long to find out, as the coupe is set to make its debut at an event called "Pony Day" at Hyundai's design studio in Seoul, South Korea, in a few weeks. 

Source: Autoblog

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