Bark Europa, toppled over during maintenance in a drydock in South Africa. The incident occurred just three weeks before the ship was scheduled to embark on a 53-day cruise from Cape Town, South Africa.

During the process of placing the ship back into the water, an unfortunate accident led to one sailor sustaining injuries. However, the sailor is currently in stable condition, providing some relief amidst the unfortunate incident.

The exact timeline for the ship's return to the water remains uncertain as the extent of the damage is still being assessed. The ship operator assured concerned enthusiasts through their website that their crew is diligently working to resolve the situation and determine the necessary steps for moving forward.

“The extent of the damage to the ship is still being assessed, and at this moment, we cannot determine the exact timeline for resuming our sailing operations. We want to assure you that our crew are working diligently to addressing and resolving the situation, to determine the necessary steps to move forward.”

Originally built in 1911 for Germany's coast guard, the Bark Europa was repurposed as a three-masted training ship in the late 1980s. Since then, it has been offering unique sailing experiences to adventurous individuals, allowing them to learn firsthand about sailing large ships. The vessel, with a crew of 16 sailors and accommodating up to 48 trainees, regularly embarks on voyages to Antarctica.

Source: Bark Europa

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