Hyundai has recently patented an Assisted Track Driving System, which aims to enhance your experience on the track without taking over control of the steering wheel or pedals. Unlike autonomous driving systems, this technology focuses on data gathering and precise driving instructions to assist you during closed-course driving sessions.

While advanced driving assist and autonomous technologies are increasingly prevalent in the automotive industry, Hyundai recognizes the importance of maintaining the fun and excitement of driving, particularly on the track. The patent application, filed in June last year and now made public, reveals Hyundai's intention to explore advanced systems that provide valuable assistance without compromising the driver's control.

Hyundai Patents Assisted Track Driving System

The patent outlines a self-learning and self-optimizing method, which involves constructing a database using driving data specific to a circuit. Based on this data, the system generates driving instructions, which are then provided to the participating vehicles. The system continuously updates the database with driving data acquired during each session, allowing it to deliver personalized instructions to help drivers improve their performance on the track.

It's worth noting that the filing of a patent doesn't guarantee immediate implementation in production vehicles. Automakers often file patents to protect their innovative ideas. However, Hyundai's patent application provides insight into the direction the company is taking, highlighting their focus on enhancing the track driving experience through advanced technology.

Source: Free Patents Online

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