The combination of hardware and software in the Webasto charging cords included with certain 2022 and 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV models doesn't work well together and could potentially cause an electric shock under certain circumstances.

These charging cords are supplied by Webasto Charging Systems and are identified as third-generation chargers with the part number 24044913. They are included with particular 2022 and 2023 Bolt EUV models. GM clarifies that the problem doesn't lie with the cord or the software alone, but with how the two interact.

Apparently, the software isn't fully compatible with the hardware, leading to a situation where unplugging the charger doesn't necessarily halt the charging process. Normally, losing the ground connection would terminate the charging, but this fails to happen here, creating the potential for an electrical discharge.

General Motors assures that any resulting shock would be "very brief," specifying in documents filed with the NHTSA that it would likely last only "1/40th of a second." The company discovered the issue on March 8th and assessed the risk level through testing conducted in August.

In summary, GM manufactured 10,825 vehicles that may be impacted by this issue, 9,423 of which are located in the USA. The company states that it has not been informed of any real-world incidents related to this defect. As part of the recall action, dealers will examine the charging cords and replace them as needed.

It's worth noting that vehicles produced after September 22, 2023, are not affected by this issue. For those concerned about owning a potentially defective charging cord, they can consult their local dealership or visit the NHTSA website at

Source: Carscoops

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