Lancia has revealed more details about its upcoming flagship. The car will arrive in 2026 and will be the second of three planned as part of a "brand renaissance".

The new Lancia flagship, to be launched in 2026 in a 100% electric version, will be produced at the Melfi plant in Italy, the company announced today.

It is nearly 4.7 meters long, an "elegant and innovative fastback" that will cover the largest segment of the market. Based on the STLA Medium platform, it will be produced at the Melfi plant in Italy, thanks to the significant investments made as part of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.

“The new Lancia flagship will be a stunning and elegant Italian car, beautiful on the outside and on the inside, where you will really feel like being in the living room of an Italian home. The car will take the Italian spirit around Europe, with almost 50% of the units sold out of Italy. The STLA Medium platform will be perfect for Lancia: as a native BEV platform, it will be highly efficient to optimize comfort, and will be available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. This platform will give to the new Lancia flagship an overall performance at the highest level, in terms of both efficiency and with a range of over 700 km.” stated Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO.

Lancia has a 10-year strategic plan that includes three new products, one every 2 years. The New Ypsilon, launched as both hybrid and electric in 2024; the new Lancia flagship launched in 100% electric in 2026 and the Delta launched in 100% electric in 2028. The Lancia electrification strategy implies that starting from 2026, Lancia will offer in its lineup only electric vehicles, and from 2028, it will sell only electric vehicles.

The Melfi plant, one of Stellantis' facilities in Italy, is one of the European sites selected to produce next-generation electrified cars on the STLA Medium platform, as part of the company's Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2038.

Source: Lancia

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